The General Assembly of the Bulgarian Association of the Metallurgical Industry is formed by all its members.

Each member participates in the General Assembly through its legal representative or through a proxy and has the right to one vote.

The General Meeting is to be convened by the Management Board at least once a year.

The decisions of the General Meeting are binding for the other BAMI’s governing bodies and members. They are taken by open vote with ordinary or qualified majority. 


The members of the Management Board are legal entities elected by the General Assembly for a period of three (3) years, comprising at least three representatives of the elected entities.

The Management Board is electing its Chair, with a mandate of three y


There are 3 BAMI members in the Supervisory Board elected by the General Assembly for a period of 3 years. For the same period the members of the Supervisory Board elect its Chairman.


The operational management of BAMI is carried out by executive staff designated and adopted by the Management Board: 

  • Executive Director
  • Expert on international cooperation, trade policy and programs
  • Expert on economic analyzes, ecology and work environment
  • Administrator for accounting and finance, incl. issuing of certificates of origin 


The following Committees were set up as auxiliary structures to BAMI's executive staff in order to improve the quality of work and  establishing of connections to real problems and needs of the member companies:

  • Industry, energy and climate change
  • Communication and information policy
  • Education, Labor Market and Social Policy
  • Environment, health and safety at work
  • Trade policy and international cooperation

The members of the Committees are appointed by the executive directors / managers of the companies according to their interests.