The Bulgarian Association of the Metallurgical Industry (BAMI) is established in 1991 as an association of employers in the metallurgical branch and accompanying production activities and services.

The Association is the only business organization that represents the employers under ‘Activity 24. Production of basic metals’ (National Classification on Economic Activities-2008) both at the national and international level, implements the social partnership with the branch trade union structures and participates in the national tripartite dialogue.

According to this classification the BAMI member companies are carrying out their economic activities in the following fields:

      Ferrous metallurgy (24.1, 24.2, 24.3)

      Non-ferrous metallurgy (from 24.41 to 24.45)

      Metal casting (24.5)

      Manufacturing of refractory products (23.2) 

Members of BAMI are also companies with different economic activities, complementing and serving the metallurgical industry - raw materials extraction, reparations and renovations, trade, services and etc. 

The ownership of the companies’ capital is 100% private. 

BAMI actively cooperates with high schools and universities both national and regional, realizes programs and acts toward improving of the relationship between business, education institutions and training programs. 

In order to achieve the objectives according to its Statute, BAMI’s main activities are: 

      Coordination of common positions and interests of Association’s members, representation and defense before state and local authorities, social partners, national and international organizations, incl. EU organizations;

      Organizing of events on key topics important for all members, identifying and attracting as partners structures in the country and from the EU;

      Effective action and lobbying before the executive, legislative and local authorities on issues important for the companies and the metallurgy branch, and adoption of decisions protecting the interests of industry and the enterprises;

      Participation of BAMI’s representatives in structures at national level, such as:

- Branch Council for Trilateral Cooperation "Metallurgy" to the Ministry of Economy

- Branch Council "Metallurgy” on working environment to the Ministry of Economy

- National Council on Climate Change to the Ministry of Environment and Water

- Advisory Council on Industrial Stability to the Ministry of Economy

- Working Group 20 to MOEW etc...

      Enhanced cooperation with national and international organizations and participation in the process of formulation proposals, opinions and policies with an impact on the metallurgical industry; active membership and participation in governing structures of:

BIA  – an NGO of the Bulgarian Business, BAMI is represented in the Management Board;

- EUROMETAUX – Association of the European non-ferrous metal producers and recyclers – BAMI is represented in the Management Board and in thematic committees;

- EUROFER – Association of the European ferrous metal producers;

- World Steel Association.   

The BAMI membership provides to the companies information and commitment in the building of national and European industrial policies, of social and labor relations, of protection and improvement natural and working environment.